Hi, I'm Nikki!

I help great people like you build the web presence you’ve been wishing you had.

I'm guessing you are here because...

You tried to DIY your website and you still haven’t finished.  What do you mean it’s been five months!??

Or maybe the directions sounded like they were in another language, or read like VCR instructions, and all you heard was techie techie techie.

Are you so frustrated you are ready to enroll in primal scream classes?

Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but your website isn’t?

Or maybe you just have better things to do with your time, and would rather have me make your dreams happen!

Book a consult call and let me build you the website you’ve been dreaming about.  You know, the one with all the tools to help you level up your business and get your time back!

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How I can help you...

I love computers, coding, designing, building websites, and making the experience as exciting and fun as possible.  This is my passion, so sit back, relax, and let me create a web presence for your brand that you can be proud  to show off!

Let me build YOUR custom website

I have loved computers since we got our first one in 1993. I still wax nostalgic when I hear the dial-up tones. You totally just heard them, didn’t you?!?? Be honest, now lol. I miss the sound of “you’ve got mail”, and AIM away messages. I still love technology. I have been hooked on building websites, since I built my first one in Educational Technology class in college. We were writing straight html back then and saving on zip drives, unless you were lucky enough to be in the new lab with the cdr drives. Ah, the good old days. I used dreamweaver, frontpage, joomla, wix, weebly, google sites, and WordPress… and some straight html and CSS mixed with java sites. Did any of that mean anything to you, or maybe all you heard was what my husband calls, “techie, techie, techie”? If your answer is no, send me an email right now! I will build you a customized website, that is easy for you to use, and reflects who you are. We will do it together! So you don’t have a logo or coding experience or colors or any of “the things”, I can totally help you with that!

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What are you waiting for!? Let's get started transforming your business, today! I can't wait to hear all about your brand!