So who am I?

So I guess I should officially introduce myself. I am a wife, Mama to three, and have a slight coffee addiction; although I can’t drink it past noon, or I am up all night. I love reading, crocheting, gardening, video games, and creating new stuff with my laptop. I am a perennial introvert, I like to stay behind the scenes and work in small groups. 

Nikki Bartholomew MrsB mrsbloveshistory
Bartholomew Family Christmas Picture 2020
Photograph by Casey Lynn Photography

I live with my husband, three kids, two dogs, and three cats. Well two kids, our oldest is an adult and moved out.  My oldest sings, my middle kiddo plays drums and the baritone, and the youngest plays violin.  Our animals tend to be rescues, and are also a weird mix. 

 We LOVE nature. We camp several times a year, because we feel more at peace in the cathedral of the mountains. We tent camp, with no electricity or cell service, in our favorite state park. Do you have one? Not everyone enjoys camping, so if it isn’t your thing… it’s cool. It is a wonderful, quiet week. We also love to play board games, card games, and read as a family.  We love music, rollercoasters, swimming, and museums.   

I love watching documentaries, true crime, crime shows, fantasy shows.  I prefer reading historical books, mysteries, and fantasy/sci-fi. I am an eclectic mix of nerd, scholar, geek, and homesteader. I make soap, lotions, lip balms, and love to can our vegetables we grow in our backyard. My yard doesn’t look big enough for the amount of food we grow in it, so Unexpected Homestead was born. It sounds so cliché, but I have always had a nearly insatiable curiosity about nearly everything. I am excited to get to know you!

Mrs B and Mr B